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Public dashboards

All dashboards are public by default. Share them with your colleagues, friends or the whole internet.

Public Dashboards

Private dashboards

You can make your dashboards private by protecting them with password.

Private Dashboards

Dashboard Builder

Build and customize your dashboards with a simple to use builder. Change the number of rows & cols. Resize and arrange the widgets with drag and drop.

Dashboard Editor


You can choose from a number of dashboard themes.

Dashboard Themes

Custom dashboard backgrounds

Choose a custom background image for your dashboard.

Custom Dashboard Backgrounds

Responsive Design

Dashboards adapt to any window or screen sizes so they can look good on any device. Be it your computer, phone, tablet or a TV.

Custom Dashboard Backgrounds


Coming soon...

Custom Domains

Host your dashboards on custom domains.

Email & Slack Reports

Get dashboard snapshots into your mailbox or Slack channel.

Historical Data

Check data from the past and see how you've grown.

API Access

Get data presented in your dashboards in JSON format via API.

More Integrations

Widgets with connections to web services like Google Analytics, Stripe, Intercom and others.

More Widgets

World time, iframe, rich text notes, ...

What customers say about us

Dashful has been an incredible addition to our toolset. By constantly using it to monitor our indicators it has allowed us to swiftly react to any sudden changes in all areas of our business.

Dashful makes it very easy to build new dashboards for our projects. The product allows us to concentrate on what matters: extract meaningful insights for our team - and the product support is outstanding!

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Who made this?

I'm a solo developer and I made this to "scratch my own itch". I've worked on this for months and months and I love ❤️ to see what you're creating with this platform. Thank you for your support!

Adam - Twitter